Here at Maven & Potts we're working on creating a fantabulous new lifestyle, diy, craft magazine that's going to blow your mind. Our first issue code name #cherrypie will be available soon.


We know you don't have a ton of time or money to invest in crafting to "perfection" but we also know that you can enjoy getting your craft on from time to time. You want the joy of crafting without the stress of researching, and buying a ton of product you may never use again. We got you!

We're going share with you our love of arts, crafts, and DIY without the stress hanging over your head. Coloring outside the lines is not only okay here, but, it's encouraged because you never know what you can discover beyond the world of "expected". Speaking of what you can expect, expect words like g'dammit and fuck to pop up occasionally - particularly in videos; If you're easily offended this is not the place for you. We're going to show you what goes on behind the curtain of perfection those other bloggers share and demystify Pinterest how-tos and failures. Starting at the end of August we'll be publishing monthly updates in a magazine format that will keep you busy for weeks.

These are just a small sample of the types of goodies, crafts, and recipes we'll be sharing with you.


We're a quirky, Mother Daughter team, crafty and creative we want to share our unique vision with you. Mom, Suanne, raised her daughter Sarah (and brother Killian) to respect The Arts and the accompanying creative process. "If it's art, and it comes from your heart, then it's never wrong." was a frequently heard phrase in their household. "There are no rules in art." is another one. Growing up, Sarah and her brother were encouraged to explore collage work, painting, sketching, coloring, sewing, sculpting, photography, costume design, music, and more.

So much more that in 2014 Suanne signed up her now grown daughter (along with Killian's grownup girlfriend) for Burlesque classes and this is where the alter egos of Marsha Maven and Hunnie Potts were born. And, there we are at Galaxy Diner on Carey Street enjoying our first post-show late night breakfast.